Mother Jones Food Pantry is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization. We at MJFP open our doors August 22, 2008 and since those few days we have had many obstacles in our way to the effect that we have to close our doors. It’ cost $1,050.00 to feed 100 families in our community and the number is growing the truck driver that delivery the food wants $125.00 once a week. We are trying to reach hungry Chicagoan in Cook County. ​

MJGP is looking for wonderful people, like you, to be a part of feeding hungry people. We are a small church reaching out to bring a big change to the community, one life at a time. This is your time to save a life I received news that there are elderly people eating cat and dog food to stay alive. You can change that in an instant. God has blessed you to bless others.

Working with God’s People
Every week it is our goal to feed 250 people weekly the homeless, the elderly, the hunger children on Chicago’s south side in the Roseland community.

Working poor face food insecurity
Sixty-one percent of “working poor” individuals and families faced food insecurity during the previous year, according to a new study by the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the University of Chicago Survey Lab. The study defined “the working poor” as individuals who worked at least 20 hours per week for at least 27 weeks in the last year but whose incomes fall below 175 percent of the federal poverty level. A family of four with one person working part-time and earning $36,137 or less would be considered a working poor family.

Demand increases as food prices soar
Many working families are forced to make choices between paying for fuel and utilities and paying for groceries, considering food prices were 4.4 percent higher in May 2008 than in May 2007. In response, the Food Depository distributed a record annual total of more than 45 million pounds of food. But the increased demand, coupled with rising fuel costs, has stressed pantries, as well as the people they serve.

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