A Living Legacy of a Woman of God
“Know Them that Labor among You” 

My mother Mattie Gertrude Canary Jones was born March 23, in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was the eighth child born to her mother with grace. She was raised by two loving parents, Mr. J.B. Jones and Mrs. Gertrude Canary Jones. At the age of five years old she lost her mom, whom she would never get to know, only remembering one day of her mother’s life with her. Many old timers say she has grown up and in many ways she was like her mom. Grandmother was a saved woman and loved to pray, my Great Aunt Juanita Guyton told us that my grandmother was seeking to be filled with the Holy Ghost and one Saturday about 5:00 a.m. she was in prayer and tarried until she came forth speaking in plain tongues, praise God! She was filled with the Holy Ghost!

Evangelist Jones’s father passed away just after she turned 12 years old, leaving her and 9 other brothers and sisters parentless. Her oldest sister and brother-in-law (the Late Mrs. Annie Bell and the Late L.C. Westmoreland) would take the 10 children in and raise them. Evangelist Jones received Christ in October of 1958, she was baptized with the Holy Ghost in 1959, reclaimed in October 1970, and the Lord called her to Evangelize the Gospel in 1973, where she has remained a faithful servant (40 Years of Service in Ministry).

Her ministry has taken her through out many cities, from North of Lake Michigan, to south of the gulf of Mississippi. Many souls have been saved, healed, delivered, and set free through her ministry. As a woman of God she has prayed for the sick, some were healed of tumors, many others healed of A.I.D.S. and Cancer. Evangelist Jones was educated in the Pontotoc School System. Unfortunately she did not complete High School in the South.

 After moving to Chicago, Illinois and being a determined woman, she returned to school, while being a single working parent raising five children. And in August of 1983 she walked across the stage with her son Virgil, Cousin Mae, Nephew Stanley, Niece Pam and they all received their High School Diploma from St. Joseph High School in association with Roseland High School. She then furthered her education and attended and completed Nursing, Cosmetology, Real Estate, and Red Cross Certification.

She is the proud mother of five Children, although given birth to seven, two are present with the Lord. The devil has tried to take all her children. In June of 1983 the two eldest sons’s Mike and Melvin was in a terrible automobile accident, September 5, 1979 her middle son Minister Virgil died on the operating table. Evangelist Jones led an anointed prayer life; immediately she was quickened by the Holy Ghost to pray. After twenty minutes Minister Virgil was revived suffering no brain damage. Praise God! Her youngest son Morris fell from the second floor and suffered no brain damage. On my mothers birthday in 1995, Miriam had took ill and the doctor said that she had no more than 36 hours to live Her appendix had burst and poison had filled her system. 

My mother, being the praying women that she is, went into the hospital chapel and fell on her face before the Lord and began to call on his name. Miriam is still with us today. There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night or early mourning and hearing your mother praying out of her soul, for this has sustained her family.

She has worked with such pastors as Apostle R.L. Mitchell, Reverend R.W Shamback, Elder Richard D. Henton, Elder Charles Mims, Elder Willie Wims, and Elder Wells; just to name a few. She worked by these pastors side helping to build their Churches. Down through the years she has cared for over thirteen foster children and over 100 family friends and relatives into her home. She never stops helping people; she has helped gang members in a Gang drop-out program and lead over 33 gang members to a new life. She has also worked Say No to Drugs program and has fed the hungry through Feed the Hungry Program. 

 I want to say to my mother, that God knew what he was doing when he gave you to be our mother, we could not have had a greater mother to raise us. You have steered your children and taught them the way of holiness. The unconditional love you have given us all even with our faults we were still your children. May you receive everything that your heart desires and everything that God has for you on this side; because I know that there is a starring Crown of life laid up for you in Glory.

Because of Calvary
Prophet Virgil Jones, third living Child of Mother Gertrude Jones
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